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The Screenwriting Books I Couldn't Live Without

Okay, that's a little overly dramatic. I probably should've called the post: The Books That Made Me Feel Like I Know What I'm Doing. As you can see, that's not quite as "snappy".

When I started getting into screenwriting I went on a mass book-buying, course-enrolling spree that made me feel like I was lost in the middle of a jungle with no map, no compass and no idea. 

These books made things "click"  inside my head:

The first two focus on character and structure. Once you've read them, you'll understand what a complete story is. The third one is, as the title suggests, a bible for formatting and drafting an industry standard screenplay. It's the book that you go to when you have a "stupid question" like: how do I format a scene from one person's point of view? Or: how do I write dialogue for a character talking through the phone to a chicken? Things like that. 

Happy writing.