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Pilot Script Finished - learn from rewriting

This last week I've been rewriting my pilot script for my original TV series concept "Our Demons". I learnt so much from continually reviewing and changing my work.

Fresh "read-throughs" are a great way to judge a script's pace and momentum. I was flying through a sequence, on the edge of my seat (sort of, I did know the ending after all!) and the sequence ended after the scene's crisis point. I got out too late and even contemplated making a coffee before reading the next act. Big no-no! 

Tip: end a scene at a mini crisis moment and it'll help your script become a page-turner.   

Anyway, I've finally submitted my script to the Screencraft Pilot Launch Contest. Can't wait for more feedback, so I can learn more.  

 Celebratory collage! 

Celebratory collage! 

Happy writing, happy re-writing, always learning!