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Inside Out should be used to test for sociopathy

I've now watched Inside Out five times in the last two weeks and I have, at some point in the movie, cried on every occasion. 

I don't mean to be snag-bragging (sensitive new age guy bragging - keep an eye out for it), but I cannot get over how much emotion the movie generates through its perfect story. 

It's so effective that I think it should be used as a tool by psychologists to test people for signs of sociopathy. If you (a) don't respond emotionally to Inside Out; or (b) don't well up with tears at some point during the movie, you are a fucking pyschopath!

I hope I can one day write a screenplay that harmoniously blends the outer journey of the characters with their inner journey in the same way that this fucking masterpiece did. 

 WATCH IT! Take the test! 

WATCH IT! Take the test! 

Happy writing!